Saturday, November 23, 2019

Release 0.4 First Week

Release 0.4 has us similar to 0.3, except we're encouraged to contribute as much as possible to our internal repository.

This week I've been working on changing my previous test-cases to use a a library to mock responses for requests. Previously I was using my blog feed link as the parameter to send to feed parser for my tests, this test currently works as my blog is working. However if my blog was deactivated, the test will fail because the blog cannot be reached and return a false positive on the test.

By mocking the reply, I am able to always simulate my tests without having to use an actual blog feed and instead be able to use a fictional one. An actual request will be sent, however the reply will be intercepted by the library used to mock the replies. This allows me to decide what to send back as a reply such as the status and the return message.

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