Friday, November 8, 2019

Open Source November Edition

October, Hacktoberfest is finished and we're moving onwards!

Our task for November is to experiment with different technologies and revamp the CDOT Planet Feed between the professor's two open source classes. The project is called Telescope and is intended to be written in Javascript for as long as technically possible. My issue for the project this week was to create a parser to parse either a RSS or Atom feed.

With some discussion and suggestions from @ImmutableBox, @lucacataldo and our professor @humphd. I managed to finally write one with the following

const parsefeeder = require('parsefeeder-promised')

module.exports = async function (feed) {
  return parsefeeder.parse(feed);

Ironically these few lines took a few days. We tried to avoid using the npm package shown and tried to write it from scratch using bent and feedparser. We realized it was kind of impossible to return the data we wanted, and finally resorted to using the feedparser-promised package suggested by @lucacataldo. Feel free to read about the internal discussion of my pull request for the issue here.

For an external bug as part of release 0.3, I chose to work on Googly Blockly, specifically this issue here.

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