Sunday, February 9, 2020

OSD700 Release 0.6

Worked on a few issues for Telescope for this release:

GraphQL documentation for Telescope
Issue can be found here

This was fun, I knew nothing about GraphQL going into this. By the end of it I was even hacking away at nested queries on my own branch which we haven't even implemented yet in Telescope. I always shied away from documentation, because I rather be coding. I guess it is true. To see if you've really learned something, you should be able to explain or teach it to someone else.

GraphQL filters for Telescope
Issue can be found here

Aside from documenting on how to use GraphQL, I also took on an issue which required me to rewrite some queries to allow filtering and support future search functionality for the front end. This taught me some pain points about GraphQL as I always assumed it could do stuff like a traditional database, fro example: select * from posts where posts > provided date or something along those lines. GraphQL cannot or rather is unable to support this without installing another library, I ended up writing my own logic to do filtering and pagination.

On a side note, I also learned people can publish scalars(GraphQL typing) in packages for other people to download and use.

Include logic to filter inactive feeds and invalidate inactive feeds for Telescope
Issue can be found here

Another issue I started over the Christmas weekend and finally finished. This went through a few iterations and in the end it was suggested to scrap the current code written in favor of a more Redis oriented solution.

Refactor promises for plumadriver
Issue can be found here

I was suggested this issue by our prof, since I did quite a bit of work on refactoring promises for Telescope. It was an interesting experience reading typescript code and contributing to another repository after a few months of just working on Telescope.

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